What is MedSolutions India?

MedSolutions India – A compliant Online Pharmacy

Innovating the old means of buying medicines, MedSolutions India provides fully functional online prescription medicine buying service to the users. It facilitates the purchase and delivery of prescribed medicines and healthcare products. With the aim of providing more convenience to the users, it involves
quick and hassle-free steps to order medicines online. Our online pharmacy provides customers access to affordable medicines backed by outstanding customer service and support.

A well-organized store, MedSolutions India offers complete range of medicines and healthcare products that are 100% authentic and from renowned brands. Furthermore, MedSolutions India also offers attractive discounts on the purchase of prescribed medicines as well as health supplements. In the minimum time, it provides maximum benefits of affordability and convenience to the users.

Prescription Medicines
Ayurvedic and Herbal supplements
Health Supplements
Wide range of Healthcare devices
Wellness Aids

MedSolutions India Specialty

Easy and flexible prescription upload and transcription facility You have to simply sign-up and upload the prescription. After our pharmacist approves it, you can buy prescribed medicines online along with the required healthcare supplements. It is quick, simple and hassle-free.

Compliance Reminders

Our system is designed with medicine or prescription refill alerts to ensure that you never forget to take your medicines, or run out of them. MedSolutions India helps you in getting your medicine information and prescriptions organized at one place, so that this crucial information becomes easy to manage, to refer to, and to know when to commence your next prescription refill.

Upload Multiple Prescriptions

You are free to upload prescriptions for yourself, family, friends and others to commence the buying prescription medicines from MedSolutions India.

Exciting Discounts

MedSolutions India offers attractive discounts on purchase of all prescribed medicines, healthcare products, devices and herbal supplements resulting in substantial savings. Traditional Indian pharmacies many a times do not offer these discounts to consumers. We promise to provide the best savings to your healthcare and medical bills.

Free Diabetes Diet Counselling

Our expert nutritionist provides personalized free diet counselling and planning to every user visiting MedSolutions India website. The diet plan is designed based on your taste, lifestyle and health goals. It is not a restrictive diet, but a fully planned nutrition diet to improve your eating habits, and helps in controlling your blood glucose levels.

Guaranteed Authenticity and Fresh Storage

Medicines and all the other healthcare supplements are systematically and freshly stored for your purchase. We promise to deliver medicines that are free from any damage or reduction of efficacy.

Secure payment gateway

Enjoy the convenience of secure payment options with MedSolutions India. Payments can be submitted through Cash On Delivery (COD), Internet Banking, Credit Card and Debit Card. We ensure your personal and financial information remains safe and confidential.

Vision behind MedSolutions India Platform

MedSolutions India, a ‘Prescription mail order service’, aims to assist Patients in remote locations & middle-age and old-age patients in getting authentic medicines for chronic diseases conveniently and economically at their doorstep.